Dream Baby Dream IV

It all started when I was walking down of an old hallway in a rundown hotel, and out of all people I could imagine bumping into, I bumped into my own mother.
“Son, your grandfather died this morning, at noon at home.” – She said with a tone of resignation.
“How does that make you feel?” – I asked.
“Strange… but what made me feel even more strange was that I tried to think back to a moment when I felt happy next to him, or when he did anything nice to me, and I simply couldn’t remember <she started crying> you know, after all these years I’m just happy that I managed to become a decent person after growing up in such a family devoid of love.”

I began wondering if what my mother was saying the truth or not, but I let her be and after saying some generic comforting words to her I bid farewell and went on my way. How the heck did I get into this hotel in the first place? It was grinding my gears. I randomly opened a door, with the number 4 and a half. What a dumb room number, I thought. In that room, to my surprise, my girlfriend was sitting at the table, with a mug of tea in front of her, still steaming. I went to her and tried hugging her but I simply couldn’t. My arms felt weak. She suddenly got up and walked towards the kitchen counter, but she went right through me.
“What in the hell are you doing?!” – I shouted at her.
There was no response. I tried touching her arm, talking to her, it was no use. She did not detect my presence at all. In shock, I ran out of the room, back into the hallway. I managed to catch up with my mother who was still roaming about.
“What the fuck is going on here?!”
“Son, I thought you would have noticed by now… we are dead.”
“Say what now?!”
“Well, not dead as in what your average joe would call dead, we are indeed not physically dead yet. Our bodies still exist in the earthly plane, but our core – our soul is no longer within them.”
“How is that even possible?”
“I’m not entirely sure how this worked either, but we are here.”
“Well that won’t do!”

Restless, I began running about the hallway. Tried opening some doors, but they were all locked. After the tenth closed door or so I finally got to the end of the hallway, with a door that had no number on it. I turned the handle… and the door was open. I stepped inside, but instead of a room I found myself at the entrance of a cemetery on the countryside. My sister saw me in the distance and beckoned me to come closer.
“Damn it James, you are late again!” she said in an angry whispering tone.
I got closer to her and noticed some other family members nearby. Few minutes in and I realised we were on my grandfather’s funeral. Saw the huge black chevy with the open back, urn propped up and nice flowers around it and all. The sky was gray and the air felt chilly. I tried buttoning up my coat to no avail – I was shivering. The bells began to toll and the chevy started moving. The procession began. After a few minutes or so, we arrived at the grave. The graveyard men unloaded the urn onto a small podium. My sister proceeded standing next to it and began her small speech.

“Richard Archer was born in the year 1939 and was known as a silent person. He was a hard-working loyal employee, awarded multiple times for his achievements at his workplace.”
The speech went on but I could no longer hear. I still saw my sister’s mouth moving, but everything seemed to slow down by the minute. I looked around and everyone stood still. Time stood still.
Time for me to go.
I proceeded to the grave, removed the top, and took the leap.

When I got to my senses I found myself in my bed, girlfriend peacefully sleeping by my side. Looked at the time: 6:40 am. Still got time for a smoke before work. I got my robe on, rolled a cigarette and went outside the balcony. The sun’s first rays were already stroking the wall with their morning beams. I heard my phone buzz back in the room as I received a text message. I felt a small shiver on my back, and lit the cigarette.

Rest in peace, grandpa.