Hiatus – Catching Up

Oh my god. I haven’t written for over a year now. I mean anything on the blog. I was more or less active with my personal journal, but I have neglected this blog for quite a long while. Not like anybody was missing anything, right? As you can see I couldn’t even bother writing in Hungarian first, and then also providing an English translation.

I also noticed that I haven’t posted my second review of 2016. I have it in a draft of course, but at this point… not going to post it. It not only lost significance, but also would only be proof of my laziness that I was unable to finish a post in a years’ time.

I do have a lot of things to tell though, I really do.

For example Pixel Cranes is finally on Spotify! Make sure to hit that follow button.

As for No Whales, I am working on an anniversary album containing a handful of songs that sat on my hdd for the past 3-4 years or so. Original plan was this year, so far as things are standing it’s going to be postponed for next year sadly.  On the bright side, I think it’s going to be terrific. I have a bunch of guest artists featured, and once more it will be produced by my great friend Peter who already participated in the post production of “The Waiting Room“. (By the way, I just noticed there’s an awful lot of Waiting Rooms available on Spotify… Sad. Make sure to come up with a better name for the new album – inner mumbling over)
Also I have been doing some basic networking in the music scene for the most part of the year – met a lot of local people, some international ones too. First at MENT festival back in January, and now at BUSH in November. I recently began reading some literature regarding the subject as well. Tell you guys the truth I have been feeling a bit uneasy these past few weeks… not only because of the anniversary album not happening this year, but also my future prospects as a musician. To be frank I have recently grown tired of my job. All jobs in general actually. I am tired of what most people call a “desk job”. I have grown fed up with working in offices working in shifts or the classic “9 to 5”. I feel I could be doing a lot more if I actually bothered to invest more time in practicing and making more music. But I digress.

Point is, this blog ain’t dead yet. More posts coming soon. (hopefully)